21st February 2018

This morning in English we had a look at a recipe for chocolate chip cookies. We discussed what made it a good set of instructions, and whether we thought it would be easy to follow. Miss Caudle then surprised us by giving us the ingredients we needed, and sending us away to have a go! […]

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8th February 2018

Today we spent our morning making wooden mazes for Design and Technology. Miss Caudle gave us a demonstration on how to cut the wood safely, and then how to form our mazes. With some help from Mrs Whittaker, Miss Anderson and Mrs Bateman we were very successful! Miss Caudle was really impressed with our team work, and […]

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24th January 2018

We are pleased to show off our first ever ‘Perfect Presentation’ award! This has gone to Esme today for her neat and tidy work, particularly in English! Miss Caudle will be giving one out every day, so keep your eyes peeled if your child should bring one home 📝🤗

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17th January 2018

Apologies for the lack of blog posts recently, we have been having a busy time back after Christmas! We just wanted to share what we have been doing in Science this afternoon. Our topic this term is all about forces and magnets, and today we had a play around with the magnets inside the classroom […]

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15th December 2017

This afternoon we have had great fun with paint! We are making Christmas wreaths but using our hands for the greenery. Miss Caudle apologises for any messy children and their uniform 😬🎨

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13th/14th December 2017

There have been some odd goings on over the past couple of days. When we arrived back into the classroom from singing assembly yesterday we were surprised to find some snowy footprints! They lead us to Miss Caudle’s cupboard where we then found this letter… We set out to work straight away by sorting shoes […]

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