Ash class

Well, what a lovely time we’ve had! In RE; Ash class loved learning through the game Lost Sheep and making stain glass windows. (Which look amazing) On the  19th the children went to Wantage museum and learned how Victorian kitchens worked and afterwards, they made very thoughtful cards  thanking Mel for the great time they […]

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Friday 4th May

This week we have had a surprise where we did martial arts. We did a some warm ups where we had to do an exercise then run to the next cone do the warm up again. Then we did some punching – do not worry no children got hurt! My favourite activity was when we did front […]

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Friday 27th April

On Thursday the 26th of April we went to the hungry horse to do are maths. We did a tally of the most popular coloured car. We were in pairs and when we got there we lined up against the fence and counted every car. It was very loud  because everyone kept screaming  RED CAR  and  BLUE CAR!! Unfortunately it rained so we had to come back […]

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15th March 2018

We have recently been trying ‘Cosmo Kids’ at the end of the day as a relaxation and reflection time. Today we looked at the space inside our imagination! This is one of our favourite things to do at the moment as it makes us feel calm… especially after a busy day! 😌

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7th March 2018

This morning we went on our trip to the Hindu Temple in Swindon. We couldn’t believe what a beautiful and peaceful place it was. We got to go into the meditation room, a room where the statues of the God’s were and the prayer room. We even got to have a go at some meditation! […]

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1st March 2018

Despite the snow, we have had a lovely World Book Day! This afternoon we swapped the classes round and we got to go and do some activities with Years 1 and 5. Some us went to Miss Phippen and Ms Boaz and some of us stayed with Miss Caudle. The teachers shared a book with […]

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21st February 2018

This morning in English we had a look at a recipe for chocolate chip cookies. We discussed what made it a good set of instructions, and whether we thought it would be easy to follow. Miss Caudle then surprised us by giving us the ingredients we needed, and sending us away to have a go! […]

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8th February 2018

Today we spent our morning making wooden mazes for Design and Technology. Miss Caudle gave us a demonstration on how to cut the wood safely, and then how to form our mazes. With some help from Mrs Whittaker, Miss Anderson and Mrs Bateman we were very successful! Miss Caudle was really impressed with our team work, and […]

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